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ISO TS 16949:2009 Certified Company

On-Site Calibration

Losses caused by inaccuracy are expensive & inconvenient.

On-Site Calibration
Annual Maintenance Contract – Plan Comparison
  • Essae has the know-how in manufacturing weigh-bridges since 1996. You can count on our competent staff and the technology that we use.
  • The high quality of calibration equipment Essae uses is unique in India and we assure maximum accuracy.
  • EWTV also comes with RRSL certified 15 test-weight blocks each weighting 1 tonne.
  • We issue a calibration certificate on the spot upon completion of calibration.
  • The entire process is completed within 2 hrs.

Our core philosophy is 'prevention is better than cure.' Essae engineers are fully trained to identify potential problems before they occur, so that appropriate remedial action can be taken. Our aim is to ensure that you and your equipment have the maximum ‘uptime and efficiency’.

Essae maintenance programs are designed to give you the time to focus on the efficient running of your business – without having to worry about weighbridge inaccuracies.

Our experienced team of fully trained engineers offer unmatched support in calibration, installation, repair, servicing and weight testing situations. Keeping with our customer service philosophy we have launched the “Essae Weighbridge Test Vehicle” (EWTV) - the first of its kind in the country that makes calibration easy and available at your doorstep.

Flexible service that meets your special requirements and in compliance with mandatory standards and guidelines.

Our service and maintenance plans are tailored to your requirements to ensure your weighing systems are operating accurately 24 x 7. Our plans also ensure your system complies with the Legal Metrology Services inspection requirements.

  • You can avail this calibration facility through our easy schemes at reasonable charges.
  • In fact, you can plan your calibration schedules based on the pre-planned information about the vehicle movement – available on request.
Benefits for Customers

Losses caused by inaccuracy are expensive & inconvenient.

Be sure of the weighing accuracy of the weighbridge

You can be rest assured that you are getting accurate weighing data in each weighment thereby protecting your profits.

Gain the trust of all stakeholders

When your vendors and customers are satisfied with your weighing results, it will boost their confidence while doing business with you.

No weighing disputes with stakeholders

When your weighing results are accurate it automatically removes all weighing disputes providing all parties a peace of mind.

Prevents all material losses

Regular servicing and calibration has proven that your weighing equipment will operate trouble free whilst ensuring continuity of service and ensure accurate readings.

Avoid penalties from the Dept. of Metrology

Our service engineers will attend the inspection to adjust and calibrate as necessary. In addition, it is prudent to check weighbridge equipment prior to pre-legal metrology services inspection.

How much you could save when your weighbridge isfunctioning accurately?

Let us look at what would be the losses if you had an inaccuracy of say just 50 kg per ton of material weighed. Assuming you do 15 such transactions every day, you would be loosing 750 kg of material per day.

Even at the nominal rate of Rs. 100/- per kg, this amounts to a loss of Rs. 75,000/- per day. In a year you would loose over Rs. 2 Crores.

Do you see the point?

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